English in the German-speaking world

Authors / Contributors:
Raymond Hickey
Place, publisher, year:
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2020
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  • "English has a considerable history in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and present-day English has a significant influence on the vocabulary of modern German. Examining the ongoing influence of English on German in these countries, Raymond Hickey leads a team of authors to explore a wide range of topics, such as the history of English teaching in Germany, the type of English spoken in German-speaking countries today, and the role of English in German society. Borrowings from English in present-day German, as well as the use of English in public places, is also discussed, as is the use of English by non-Germans living in Germany, and the situation of Germany as a country with English as a foreign language. Comparisons with other European countries are also analysed, and a consideration of the German-English interface in places as far apart as the United States and Namibia, is also presented"--