Combine search terms

With the help of Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) search terms can be combined. Boolean operators need to be in capitals.

joyce ulysses Result contains both terms
joyce AND ulysses Result contains both terms in the same search field
joyce OR ulysses Result contains one or the other term
joyce NOT ulysses Result contains joyce excludes ulysses
More advanced combinations See Help with Search Operators.
joyce AND (ulysses OR dubliners) NOT exiles Combining Boolean operators requires that the word AND be written out.

Using quotes

"street art" Result contains terms immediately succeeding one another.
"street art"~5 Result contains terms within 5 words of one another.
"PZB E 62 2:6" Full shelfmark


* replaces any character cultur* Result can contain culture, cultura, cultural, culturally etc.
Fr*ib*urg Fribourg, Freiburg etc.
? replaces one particular character wom?n woman, women etc.
Lind??ist Lindquist, Lindkvist, Lindqvist ect.
~ Correct spelling is unknown
Tschaikowski~ Tschaikowski, Tchaïkovski, Čajkovskij etc.

Compound nouns

In swissbib Basel Bern, compound nouns are best found when written with a hyphen. Thus, the result will include all possible orthographies: as a single word, as a hyphenated word, or as two words. Example: swimming-pool yields results containing swimmingpool, swimming-pool, and swimming pool.